The Bozman - Leeds - Kerr Family Cemetery at 'Belleville'
Talbot County, Maryland.

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This web site is dedicated to the memory of the
Honorable John Bozman Kerr.
March 5, 1809 - January 21st, 1878.

"He is gone, but he has not been among us in vain. We have not lost him altogether, for he has left behind him a standard of integrity which all would do well to emulate."*

His Children:
Lucy Hamilton Kerr / John Bozman Kerr Jr. / Leeds Clayborne Kerr
Arthur Dickens Kerr / Mark Brickell Kerr / Henrietta Maria Kerr
Halbert Stevens Kerr / Ruth Leeds Kerr / Kenneth Chamberlaine Kerr
Sarah Covington Kerr

Our family pronounces Kerr - as 'car'

The Place

Various pictures of the burial plot.
The grave stones and monuments.

The People

Who's who? A list of Burials at Belleville.

The History

Letter transcript from type written letter circa 1930 concerning history of cemetery

Article from unidentified newspaper: Easton, 1910 - Uncle Leeds cleans up the cemetery.

July 21st, 2002 - the local lawn service has cut the grass. - JPC

How to get there

Direction to the burial plot available via email, upon request.

*Pictures, signature and various quotes from
Genealogical Notes of the Chamberlaine Family.
Samuel Chamberlaine & John Frazer, Jr.
Polyanthos - Cottonport 1973.
Feel free to provide comments
concerning this site or
any additional information about the
Kerr Family ancestors and descendants to:
James Callahan
Columbia, Maryland
JBK was my mother's father's mother's father.
(JBK to HMK to FWF to MFC to me)