From the Genealogical notes of the Chamberlaine Family
"Arthur Dickens Kerr, whose middle name Dickens is derived from his maternal relatives in London (Mrs. Lucy Dickens Stevens being his great grandmother), was born at Hollins street, Baltimore, on January 10, 1858."

"Master Arthur Dickens Kerr's name derives from the eldest son of John Leeds and Sarah Hollyday Kerr -a name suggested by John L. Bozman, the author of the History of Maryland, as it was pleasing to him. Arthur Dickens Kerr, whose middle name is derived from his maternal relatives in London, was born in Baltimore Sun. at 5 P.M., Jan. 10, 1858. His healthful cry caught his papa reading over some of the battle scenes in which the late Gen'l Louis Philippe and his war horse, Belisarius, were all in all." - Memoir of JBK

From the journals of his sister, Henrietta Maria Kerr
"Arthur was born in Baltimore Jan 10, 1858, so is now 25. He has a fine figure & erect carriage, & very regular features; with the family blue eyes. As his hair is almost black, he has quite the appearance of a brunette. "

From a later Journal:
"In November 1896, my dear brother Arthur, died suddenly at Washington, of pneumonia.-The shock of his death, coming when I was so weak, nearly prostrated me. He was in New York, to see me, only a few weeks before his death, looking the picture of health and strength.-He was to have been married soon to the Countess Esterhazy, a widow, and old friend of our family.- She was ”years” older than Arthur, but a fascinating woman, and they had been devoted to each other for eight years.-----------We went to Washington for my brother's funeral.-Hal came in from Utah."