Henrietta Maria Kerr

"From the Leeds Family Bible"
Henrietta Maria Kerr ws born at St. Michaels, Maryland, on January 1st 1863. This little lady, named of the daughter of Henry IV., of France, and wife of Charles I, of England, under regular sequence of the family genesis is bright and promising by general consent in and out of the family.

Married Fredrick William Floyd of NYC.
From 1872 to 1878, Mark Brickell Kerr took part in geological survey. Fredrick William Floyd was also on this survey. After the survey, FWF became a friend of the family and MBK introduced FWF (then 22) to HMK (then 14). HMK had a crush on FWF at the time, but later lost contact with him. About 12 years later FWF called upon the Kerr family while visiting Washington D.C. and started courting HMK. About two years later they married. (journal of HMK and Internet Research)
"They were very old when I knew them. They lived with us in Woodbury when I was very young. I remember that when ever she came down the stairs, he would get up and wait for her at the bottom of the steps. She never called him by his first name in public. She would always call him 'Mr. Floyd - Thank you Mr. Floyd.'" -personal interview with MFC Aug 02.

Children of FWF Jr & Anne O'Sullivan

Miriam Patricia Floyd m. Mark L. Nagel, Colonel USAF - no progeny

Fredrick William Floyd III - m. Kathleen McClory had 9 Children

Marjorie Anne Floyd m. Charles Willis Callahan - Four Children - as shown above (hey - it pays to be the webmaster)
-Marjorie Anne m. James Ritchie (1) Three Children Marjorie (Megan) / Elizabeth / Anne - m. John Robert Beck (2) no children
-Charles Willis Jr. m. Linda Gallone - Seven Children Jonothan / Timothy / Kathrine / Christine / Beth / Kim / Jenny
-James Patrick m. Ellen Barski - Five Children Miriam / Amy / James Jr (Buddy) / Henry / Dorothy
-Michael John m. Laura Steelman - Three Children Andrew / Benjamin / John (Jack)

Michael O'Sullivan Floyd m. MaryLou Santor - Three Children