John Bozman Kerr Jr. (aka. Juanito by his parents)

From the Leeds Family Bible as published in Chamberlaine
"At the house of the United States Legation, Leon de Nicaragua, on Palm Sunday, March 20, 1853, John Bozman Kerr, my second child and my name sake was born. He died at Baltimore of scarlet fever, on January 28, 1857. 'God only knows what manner of man he would have been. We but know thou wert a rare child.'

A paragraph extracted from an undated, un credited newspaper clipping titled Old Burying Grounds in Talbot:
A Famous Question Raised
The now famous dispute, which raged for years in the early days of the Republic, as to whether or not a child born in any United States Legation or aon any ship carrying the United States flag was a native of this country was first raised by the birth of John Bozman Kerr, Jr., in far away Nicaragua, when his father applied for a ruling on the question. He was finally sustained and had the pleaseure of knowing that the Government did not regard his son as an alien, though to the day of his death the question was mooted, and hence the inscription on his monument "born without loss of citisenship." etc.

The remains of
2d Child of J.B. and
Born withoout loss of
citizenship at the
U.S. legation at the
City of Leon Na. C.A.
Palm Sunday Mar 20th
1853. Died in Balt. Md
28d Jan 1857
Quis desiderio sit pudor, aut
modus tam chari capitis.