Kenneth Chamberlaine Kerr

Kenneth Chamberlaine Kerr was born at Washington on March 13th, 1868. He bears the name of his paternal grandmother's family.

From the journal of his sister, HMK:
Washington, D.C. Nov. 1880
Kenneth, the youngest boy was born in Washington, March 13th, 1868, so he is "only a boy" and his character will hardly be formed for several years yet. He is not nearly so handsome as his brothers, but it is hardly fair to compare him with the other boys until he has passed the "awkward age". He is quite blond, and bids fair to be tall & slight. At present, he is more of a very agile monkey than anything else, but he is an impulsive good-hearted boy, with no especial talents, but with a latent vein of clear common-sense that will stand him in good stead in the days to come.