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Leeds Clayborne Kerr - Captain, United States Navy.
Paymaster of the Pacific Fleet
Photo 1880 at approx age 25
from bookshelf in TLC

Buried at Arlington National Cemetery - Section 3 Plot 3929D
A copy of his obituary

"This was Mayor's (Fredrick W. Floyd Jr.) uncle. Mahney I both met him when he was an eldelry gentleman in the Sick Officers' Quarters at the Washington Navy Yard." - Patsy (Miriam Patricia Floyd Nagel)
"I remember being very scared. I was seven years old (about 1935) and Aunt Ruth (her Great Aunt Ruth Leeds Kerr) took us to see this old man with a long flowing beard. He kept calling me Nettie. It was the first time I'd been around someone like that. I remember admiring a china figurine on the mantel and Uncle Leeds told Aunt Ruth to give it to me. So she took it down off the mantel and very gently packed it in my suitsace." - Mahney (Marjorie Floyd Callahan)

From Genealogical Noted of the Chamberlaine Family of Maryland. Compiled fromt he Records and Manuscripts found among the papers of the late John Bozman Kerr, by Samual Chamberlain in 1881:
"Leeds Clayborne Kerr was born at 'Beech Hill,' near Baltimore, on Saturday, July 21, 1855. The addition of Clayborne to his family patronymic of Leeds is suggestive of his hold on early Maryland history, Captain Wm. Leeds and Captain Clayborne here on the Chesapeake in 1629, before the charter of Lord Baltimore. A life of Clayborne will be written showing how strong a person among contemporaries he was (Colonel Clayborne, Commissioner with Richard Bennett and Edward Lloyd under Oliver Cromwell), and much misunderstood through the interested writers of his day. By somewhat of a coincidence, Master Leeds Clayborne is in descent (through his father's mother, Mrs. Sarah Hollyday Kerr, of Talbot county, Maryland) from this Country Commissioner of Clayborne under Cromwell, Edward Lloyd, whose son, Colonel Phileman Lloyd, married the widow of Richard Bennett (son of R. Bennett, the other named in Cromwell's Commission), and whose grandson was James Lloyd of 'Wye' in Talbot county, the father of Mrs. Henrietta Maria Chamberlaine, wife of Hon. Samuel Chamberlaine, of Oxford Maryland.

Died 1937 (?) at the "Sick Officer's Quarters" at the Washington Navy Yard. Son of JBK - Brother to Henrietta Maria Kerr who married Fredrick W. Floyd, father of Fredrick W. Floyd Jr., Callahan's grandfather on our mother's side. So, this was Mahney's and Patsy's great uncle.

Mahney has attributed several of the more interesting articles in TLC to 'Uncle Leeds' and his Pacific travels. Such as 'Foo - Dog' which stands in the corner of the Living Room.
"LCK was given the golden wooden carved Budda figurine by a Buddist monk after having taken a tour of a religious building and remarking to the monk how beautiful the building was. Apparently there was a wall covered by such hand carved figures of Budda. As he was leaving, LCK gave the monk a silver peso coin from Mexico as a thank you for the tour. The monk then disappeared and returned with the figure that he hacked off the wall as a gift for LCK. The figure is now on a bookshelf in TLC."

TLC= Two Laurel Court - home to the recent Callahan's in NJ