Letter Transcript from type written letter circa 1930 - author unknown (Possibly LCK)
Copy of letter received from Penelope Wynne Kerr McDonald

Burial Places in Talbot County, Maryland
Bozman --- Leeds ---Kerr.

1. The Bozman-Kerr burial ground located on estate known as "Belleville" on Trippe's Creek. Oxford Neck. Talbot Co,. Md.
This tract "Belleville" Was first owned by Thomas Bozman. Willed by him to his son. John Bozman. Will dated May 5, 1752, on file at Records Office. Annapolis, Md.

2. Willed by John Bozman to his son. John Leeds Bozman. Will dated Sept. 23, 1767, on file Records Office, Annapolis, Md.

3. Willed by John Leeds Bozman to his nephew. John Leeds Kerr. Will dated July 26, 1819, on file Records Office, Easton Md.

4. In last will of John Leeds Kerr (on file Records Office, Easton, Md.) dated Feb. 5, 1844, the following clause appears; viz., "It is my further will and direction that my trustees in selling my farm called "Belleville" shall in their sales or sales specially reserve from such sale the family burial ground and in such reservation they shall describe the same by proper meters and bounds, and bind the purchaser or purchasers by proper covenant, not to disturb the same in any manner, but to permit and grant free permission of ingress and regress to all members of my family, or any other family having a right of burial there, with the customary attendants to come and go for all burial purposes, or to superintend or direct the necessary repairs, and keeping up a proper enclosure of the same."
(Note: The reservation was in a sad condition about 25 years ago, when space was cleaned and fence placed around the enclosure. Has been cleaned up regularly once or twice a year. In fairly good condition now (1930) but fence will require to be replaced in a few years.)

Estate "Belleville" went out of Kerr family Nov 1874. Last owner being David Kerr (son of John Leeds Kerr.) It has had several owners since going out of Kerr family. All have been most courteous. The present owner (1930) is Mr. R.R. Spring of Easton, Md.

Whenever work has been done Leeds C. Kerr has made it a rule of courtesy to call upon the owner, which has always been appreciated and return courtesy shown by each and every owner.

- - - - - -

A trust fund of $1500.00 will be created by will of Leeds C. Kerr, interest to be used to keep reservation in repair. The Washington Loan & Trust Company, Washington, D.C., will act. Another trust fund of $500.00 in Washington Loan & Trust Company, Washington, D.C., interest to be used for care of lot in Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, D.C.
At present both places are being look after by Leeds C. Kerr.
David Kerr (1st) and others of his family at "Oaklands" on a point running into Peach blossom Creek, Talbot Co., Md. No trace, likely will be forgotten and lost.