Mark Brickell Kerr

Born at St. Michaels Maryland on Janurary 1st, 1860. Died March 15, 1917. The Brickell is from his maternal grandmother's family of Hertford N.C. This is for Colonel Mathias Brickell of NC, his mother's maternal great grandfather. (Geneological Notes of the Chamberlaine Family)

From 1872 to 1878, MBK took part in George A. Wheeler's Geological Survey titled "Explorations and Surveys West of the One Hundredth Meridian" in "Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona." This was one of four government backed major surveys of the west. Wheeler had parties in the field each summer from 1872 to 1878. Fredrick William Floyd was also on this survey. FWF became a friend of the family and MBK introduced FWF to HMK. About 12 years later FWF and HMK married. (journal of HMK and Internet Research)

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Notable natrualist with many published articles and features on the outdoors and wilderness related topics. One of the first directors of the Sierra Club; Member of the "Sons of the Revolution" and contributor to the Smithsonian Institution.

Title: Scribner's magazine. / Volume 9, Issue 3 Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons Publication Date: March, 1891 City: New York Pages: 924 page images in vol.
Mount St. Elias And Its Glaciers, by Mark Brickell Kerr: pp. 361-373
To read the article written by MBK, follow this link. It is from Cornell University Collection "The Making of Amercia."

Roster of Directors for the Sierra Club.
Until 1922, nine Directors comprised the Board. In that year, the Board of Directors was enlarged to 15. Directors' terms begin in May and run for three full years, with Directors now able to serve for only two consecutive terms without taking one year off.
1892-1893 William D. Armes
1892-1893 John C. Branner
1892-1893 Mark Brickell Kerr
1892-1893; 1898-1900; 1915-1938 Robert Martin Price
1892-1893; 1902-1903 Willard D. Johnson
1892-1898 J. Henry Senger

The Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the District of Columbia 1920
Sons of the Revolution in the District of Columbia, 1915-1920

Mark Brickell KERR - Admitted April 14, 1890 - Died March 15, 1917. Great-great-grandson of Matthias BRICKELL (1710-1780); Lieutenant- Colonel Hertford County Militia of North Carolina.


Topical Finding Aids to Records in the Smithsonian Institution Archives Guide to Records of Expeditions, 1878-1917
Individual Collectors Associated with the Smithsonian Institution, 1878-1917

Mark Brickell Kerr

Ecuador, fossils
Smithsonian Institution Annual Report, 1895, p. 7

Building stones of North Carolina
Smithsonian Institution Annual Report, 1883, p. 22

Records at the Smithsonian Institution Archives:

* Collecting work in Central and South America
RU 189: Assistant Secretary in charge of the United States National Museum, Correspondence and Memoranda, 1860-1908


...On Saturday, May 28, 1892, in Olney's law office in San Francisco, the club's name and purposes were agreed upon, and Olney drew up the Articles of Incorpora-tion. One week later the Articles and Bylaws were signed and the officers of the club were elected. There were 182 charter members.
The first directors were John Muir, President; Warren Olney, Vice-President; William Dellam Armes, Sec-retary; J. H. Senger, David Starr Jordan (president of the new Stanford University), Robert M. Price, Mark Brickell Kerr, Willard D. Johnson, and John C. Branner (later president of Stanford). Muir remained president until his death on December 24, 1914. From the outset both universities, California and Stanford, were repre-sented on the Board, and for many years thereafter much of the strength and initiative of the club came from their faculties and student bodies. Prominent names appear as signers of the Articles: among them William H. Beatty, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California; George Perkins, United States Senator; W. L. Jepson, California's outstanding authority on its trees and flowers; and the late Will Denman, formerly a senior judge of the United States Court of Appeals.